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The Federal Reserve uses two financial instruments to control and utilize the amount of USD in circulation internationally. These are Medium Term Bank Debentures, also known as Medium Term Notes (MTN) and Standby Letters of Credit (SLC). The Debenture is normally a medium-term note ranging between five to ten years, carrying a coupon paid annually in arrears. Today’s interest rates are in the 7.5% interest range and twenty-year instruments are also sometimes issued.

The SLC is usually a one-year term, zero coupon instrument and is used by the Fed to bring USD back into the Treasury. It is a monetary tool that bids up the price of the USD. When the Fed buys back an SLC, it bids the USD price down. Medium Term Bank Debentures are normally used to raise capital for loans and to assist the development of the world infrastructure projects. The SLC used in the international banking markets is a very different instrument than the typical three-party SLC in the Import/Export market. These SLC’s are two party instruments similar to a one-year corporate note, used primarily to raise funds.

Banks issue SLCs on behalf of the Fed and the Fed is the customer on the issuing bank. The Bank operates through the Commitment Holder (defined later in this report) and issues the SLC from the Commitment Holders Contract with the Fed. Once an issue is determined, usually by contract and proof of funds, the issuing bank will exchange the SLC for the funds. Normally, a purchase must be initiated with a pledge of $500,000,000 in tranches of no less than $100,000,000 face value.

Under the BIS rules, the issuing bank is then required to convert the “off-balance sheet” item to an “on-balance sheet” equivalent. This is done by writing on-balance sheet the “risk” in the transaction and setting aside the capital reserved against the risk exposed, based on capital requirements. As the risk is very low, and 97-98% of the face value is paid by the Fed to the issuing bank upon maturity, the capital needed to be reserved is also very low, usually 4-5%. As an example, the issuing bank will issue the MTN at 78% of face value, and sell it to the Commitment Holder at 84%. The issuing bank will reserve 5% for margin cost of capitalization and transfer 79% back to the Fed. The Commitment Holder will sell the MTN to the Investor for 86% of face value. The Investor will sell the MTN to the secondary market for 92.5% where the retail market equivalent is 93.5% for U.S. Treasuries at that time. In this way, each transaction is attractive to the next holder in due course and all parties profit.

Upon maturity, the Fed under its Commitment Holder Contract will remit 95% of face value plus a 2% fee to the issuing bank and in addition a $5 Million USD reserve is released by the issuing bank back to the Fed. The Fed provides these margins to be competitive against other governments for large deposits of USD, and to attract the USD exactly when they require it. Against these margins, the Fed utilizes the funds against another bank’s guarantee for the term and they are able to maintain the benefits as outlined below. The issuing banks for their small cost, but large fee, receive the benefits as listed below inclusively. Benefits for both that by far outweigh the costs.

MTN %of Spread Bank Margin Disc. Issuance Face Earned Fees Fed Price Value Remission

Issuing Price 78% 6% 5% 79% 97%

Commitment 84% 2% 86% Holder Price

Selling Price 86% 6.5% 92.5%

Secondary Market Price 92.5% 1.0% 93.5%

Retail Market 93.5% 6.5% 100%

USD Remitted 95% 2% To Fed at Maturity

USD Released 5% By Bank to Fed


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