We as The Strategic Think Tank and Executive Advisory Services Company on Economic & Financial Management, Scientific Research & Development, Investment, Management, Trade & Development serve High Net Worth Individuals & Private Investors, Executives & Managers, Institutional Investors, Company & Project Owners, and Foundation & Funding Groups who are utilizing our global banking expertise for Investment & Loan Funding, Project Finance and individual Investments in direct cooperation with European prime banks prime banks in Europe, Asia and Northern America.

We are Facilitators of Investment, Finance and Trading Programs in direct Cooperation with AAA - rated European Prime Banks, Placement Program Managers and Providers within the international banking system, preferably in Swiss, Germany and Great Britain. Banking Contracts are provided to High Net Worth Clients, whose investments are under their own account name, guaranteed, insured and safely guarded and always under their control during the period contracted.

We are providing World Capital Market & Financial Management Research, Capital Market Services as part of Political & Economic Risk Management, Financial Markets Research on Instruments and Institutions, International Capital Movement and Monetary Cooperation, evaluating Economic Performance & Investment Potential towards competitive and yielding Placements on World Capital Markets.

Our services incorporate Investment Banking, Private Banking, Personal Banking & Wealth Management, Asset & Financial Management, Investment Funding, Project Finance & Loan Funding through the Facilitation of Specialist Banking Contracts for entering the bank secured Investment Programs / Private Placement Programs conducted by AA rated European Prime Banks or Money Center Banks preferably in Swiss, Germany, UK and USA in close cooperation with several Trader Groups, Traders and Program Managers.

That is beneficial to our Clients as multiple programs are available to meet their needs. Banking Contracts are provided to High Net Worth Clients, whose investments are under their own account name, guaranteed, insured and safely guarded and always under their control during the period contracted.

Qualified applications can be processed any time in due course of action according to banking rules and regulations without particular dates or other time limits. That assures our Clients a safe transaction. The documentation - see "Terms & Conditions" - has to be fully in place, otherwise the application cannot be considered and forwarded to the bank.

We are targetingon

- To provide guidance and assistance to principals as private clients and high-net-worth individuals, corporations & institutional investors, banks & funding groups, trusts & foundations, executives & managers, and entrepreneurs through professional excellence according to international banking standards.

- To explore innovative financial solutions and facilitate global investment potential for wealth creation and life quality enhancement by providing global reach and connectivity between capital markets and knowledge driven Investors profiteering from yielding investments.

For entering Investment Programs, please start your request, and in order to meet the requirements, anticipate our Terms & Conditions, which you find as link below or via Index.

The use of Bank Credit Instruments as a medium or short-term investment is obvious. If one takes the differential between the “face” rice and the “present value” and moves a client’s funds into and out of the instruments on an active, regular basis the effective yield is substantial. The downside from trading in these instruments is nearly nil, if one retains strict protocol over the program structure and documentation.

A worst-case market risk scenario would be that a client would either not transact and therefore not be at risk or hold the instrument to maturity. If an instrument had been purchased and for whatever reason could not be onward “sold or discounted” the client who “held to maturity would automatically achieve a substantial yield (compared to other A-AAA rated paper) based on the maturity value against the discounted face value.

As can be readily seen from this report Bank Credit Instruments when handled by expert, ethical Program Managers and Traders are a safe and prudent investment. In the final analysis, it behooves prudent investors, in an effort to diversify the range of their holdings, to include investment in these instruments to offset other, higher risk portions of their portfolios. These instruments truly embody the best risk/reward ratio in today’s investment marketplace!



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